a visual production company

based in LA, operating worldwide.



“YHELLOW" is a full-service Los Angeles based visual production house specializing in, 

but not limited to, the art of making entertaining and impactful Music Videos.

We showcase the artist, their unique persona, creativity and music in ways that deliver high

viewer interest, support, and listenership.


Created by Film Director Lorenzo Diego Carrera in 2018, “YHELLOW” has grown to become THE one-stop shop for music video production.

With a professional team of Art Directors, Producers, Writers, and CGI artists from all over the world, using the most innovative and up-to-date technology, Lorenzo leads a collaborative effort of artistic expression that brings the music to another level.

We at “YHELLOW” work to project powerful, cutting edge visuals that run goosebumps up the arm and tingles down the spine.

We make cinematic magic bringing the music and its creators to their high point.

Professionally we embrace the crazy and the bold for the sake of powerful visual storytelling.

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